Early Childhood and Special Education, M.S.Ed. (Birth-Grade 2)

This 37-credit program leads to initial/professional certification in teaching early childhood education and students with disabilities from birth through grade 2. Candidates must hold a current teaching certificate to be admitted and therefore may also use this degree to satisfy requirements for professional certification. Graduates of the program will be able to serve as teachers, leaders and directors of early childhood programs and development specialists in a variety of early childhood and educational settings.

Required Foundations Courses
EDU 595Intro to Educ Research & Statistics3
EDU 531Typ/Atyp Early Child Dev3
EDU 561Lang/Lit Dev Div Yng Lrns3
EDU 601Early Child Partnerships3
EDU 602Health/Nutri/Safety Ec Ed3
EDU 604Obs & Assess Young Child3
Required Advanced Courses
EDU 574Differentiate Reading Instr3
EDU 603Creat/Activts Inc Ec Ed3
EDU 610Incl Exploration Activ B-43
EDU 611Curriculum & Instruction in Inclusive3
Required Field Courses
EDU 794Seminar in Special Education3
DDP 795Agency Practicum3
Required Culminating Experience
EDU 799Comprehensive Portfolio Advisement1
Candidates who do not hold an initial teaching certificate must also complete EDU 523 and EDU 539
Total Credits37