Post-Master’s Program Leading to the Advanced Certificate for the School Counselor and Permanent New York State Certification as a School Counselor

Note: New York state certificate regulations require two years of school experience in the field of pupil personnel services for permanent certification as a school counselor.

Requirements for admission are those identified for the graduate programs in education.


  1. Students enrolled in the master’s program and planning to apply for the advanced certificate program for the school counselor should declare their intent to the dean’s office prior to registering for post-master’s courses in counseling.
  2. Once matriculated, the student should meet with the assigned advisor to plan the program of study.
  3. The student will be advised not to continue taking courses in counseling if he/she fails to meet the requirements for admission to the advanced certificate program which leads to permanent New York state certification.
  4. Responsibility for meeting time plan requirements rests with the students.

Requirements for Program Completion

The program requires a total of 60 graduate credits as specified. Of the 60 graduate credits, a minimum of 24 must be earned at Niagara University.

Some graduate credits may be accepted by the counselor education committee for meeting the requirements of the program, either from previous work done at Niagara University or from work completed at other accredited institutions provided that, in the judgment of the committee, they are the equivalent of the Niagara University courses in whose place they are accepted and that they carry at least a B. A time limit for the completion of the post-master’s program will be set at the time of matriculation.

Courses and/or Experiences

Candidates may choose alternate courses with their adviser depending upon their experience, needs, interests and aspirations. All courses are three credit hours.

Required Courses
EDU 803Counseling and Behavior Therapy with3
Select one of the following:3
Psychopathology & DSM Diag.
Differential Diagnosis and Treatment
Total Credits6