School Psychology, M.S.

Completion of this 63 credit-hour NASP-approved graduate program will provide candidates with an M.S. and a Certificate of Advanced Studies (CAS) in school psychology. Graduates will be eligible for provisional certification as a school psychologist by New York state and will be qualified to apply for national certification (NCSP). (Additional years of experience are required for permanent New York state certification.)

Requirements for admission are those identified for the graduate programs in education.

Required Courses and Recommended Sequence

Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
EDU 595 Intro to Educ Research & Statistics 3
EDU 654 Counseling Theory and Practice 3
EDU 800 Intelligence Theory and Assessment 3
EDU 801 Perspectives in School Psychology 3
Second Semester
EDU 539 Characteristics of Students with 3
EDU 658 Adv. Counseling Techniques 3
EDU 802 Psychological Assessment of Children and 3
EDU 803 Counseling and Behavior Therapy with 3
Third Semester
EDU 652 Multicultural Counseling 3
EDU 669 Group Counseling 3
Second Year
First Semester
EDU 536 Human Learn, Dev & Motivation 3
EDU 572 Reading Difficulties: Identification and 3
EDU 804 Psychological Assessment of Infants and 3
EDU 805 School Psychology Practica I 3
Second Semester
EDU 655 Lifespan Development and Behavior 3
EDU 671 Psychopharmacology 3
EDU 777 Consultation and Intervention 3
EDU 806 School Psychology Practica II 3
Third Semester
EDU 670 Differential Diagnosis and Treatment 3
Third Year
First Semester
EDU 807 School Psychology Internship I and II 3
Second Semester
EDU 808 Internship II Sch Psy 3
 Total Credits63


  1. Practicum clock hours must total 400 by the end of two semesters.
  2. Internship clock hours must total 1,200 by the end of two semesters.
  3. Successful completion of a comprehensive examination, as described in course requirements for EDU 806 School Psychology Practica II, is required prior to enrollment in internship.
  4. Successful completion of a comprehensive portfolio, as described in course requirements for EDU 808 Internship II Sch Psy, is required in order to attain degree.