Advanced Certificate in Applied Behavior Analysis (online)

The College of Education offers a 27 credit-hour program leading to an advanced certificate in applied behavior analysis. Our program is registered as licensure-qualifying by the NYS Education Department. Our program helps students meet the educational requirements to become a licensed behavior analyst, providing the foundation for graduates to practice independently in the state.

The advanced certificate in applied behavior analysis is open to students who hold a master's or higher degree in a related field, such as education, psychology, or other subject areas that address learning and behavioral change.

Prerequisite Coursework
EDU 528Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion3
EDU 565Assessment of Students with3
EDU 778Nature Autism: Theory & Practice3
Required ABA Coursework
EDU 753Concepts/Principles ABA3
EDU 754Ethics/Prof Conduct ABA3
EDU 755Functional Behavior Anal3
EDU 756Adv. Princpls of Applied Behav Analysis3
EDU 757Rsrch Methods & Applied Behavioral Anal3
EDU 758Supervised Field Experience in ABA1
EDU 759Maintenance of Client Records2
Other ABA-Specific Courses
EDU 750Phil Found of Applied Behavior Analysis3
EDU 752Designing & Implementing Behavior Change3

Prerequisite courses may be taken at other universities (an official graduate transcript required) or as part of the advanced certificate. EDU 750 Phil Found of Applied Behavior Analysis and EDU 752 Designing & Implementing Behavior Change are additional courses intended to fulfill coursework requirements toward credentialing as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst.